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I hope you 'll get something of your interest in this hood. So walk about and have fun. 

The information, my opinions, perceptions, reflections and idiosyncrasy might have your interest and contributes to your insight in how weird my world (psycho) is.

In the category Idiosyncracies I will write down my experiences, observations and experiments to develope myself to a cosmopolitan person. In my view a way of liberation of the so-called standards. To minimize the chance to become alienated by the actiona of this world. Therefore i will make an inventory of universal values - values which apply to each individual human being. Every individual is familiar with them though a few of us are aware of this. Every single action of an individual has effect on everyone of us. The so-called differences? Fear of uniformity which lead us to kept us to our individual idiosyncracies and make these more important than they really are because they are unique? Is it? I don't think so.

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